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Change Talk Associates offers continuing education in MI for helping professionals using a relational and experiential approach. Informed by the research on learning MI, we offer a multi-level curriculum to build confidence, competence, and sustainability. Open-access courses are offered multiple times each year.

Courses are offered online and in-person. 

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You Might Be Interested In MI if…

  • You support others in making changes.
  • You would like ideas to move the conversation forward and get ‘unstuck.’
  • You would like to convey your intention more accurately in your communication delivery.
  • You would like to have more meaningful connections with your clients/patients.
  • You would like to move beyond just going through the motions to seeing movement and change in your clients/patients.
  • You would like to release the pressure of trying to ‘fix’ clients/patients and still be helpful.
  • You would like for the work not to be so hard.

Who is MI For?

Helping professionals across a range of populations and practice areas such as:

  • child development and family services
  • medicine and physical health
  • mental health and substance use
  • physical rehabilitation services
  • education
  • prevention programming
  • coaching

Training Inquiry

Contact us to discuss hosting a training for your organization

What Our Clients Say

Excellent course, excellent instructor! Thank you so much – I’d happily take a semester long course from Cristine in this topic!Physician Assistant, 2020

This experience has been very transformative and inspiring. Thank you for the way that you teach!Social Work, 2020

Really appreciated the skill and expertise of the instructor. It was clear how well she knew the material and was really able to keep things relevant and made the 2-days feel meaningful and enjoyable. Thanks!Intake Coordinator, 2020

Cristine, I’ve never had such a profound seminar leader. Great Job.Youth Counselor, 2020

You bring calmness and grounding to your teachings. So nice. Thanks for creating a safe space to learn.Helping Professional, 2019

Amazing workshop! So glad I attended. I would definitely recommend to colleagues. This helped me developed skills that will help me be a better counsellor.Counsellor, 2018

An excellent introduction to a tool that should be in every clinician’s toolbox. I wish I had found out about this sooner.Physician, 2018

Excellent resource to any healthcare professional, and from a personal development standpoint. Will be recommending to colleagues.Speech & Language Pathologist, 2018

Awesome presenter! Very skilled at managing group dynamics and encouraging the energy of the group.Occupational Therapist, 2018

Thanks for a great experience – Cristine is a fantastic facilitator. Very warm, knowledgeable, and flexible to the needs of the group. She also did a great job adjusting the material to fit with the online format and keep people engaged.Social Worker online learning, 2020

This was a fantastic training. I loved how you modelled MI through your skilled facilitation and created a safe space for learning even via Zoom. Thank you so much.Helping Professional online learning, 2020

The course took MI concepts from conceptual to practical and implementable for me – I feel I walked away with a few quick changes I can make in my day-to-day practice to counsel patients more effectively.Family Physician, online learning 2020

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