MI in Groups

MI and Group coverMI Practitioners have long-awaited this seminal book, Motivational Interviewing in Groups, ever since the earliest MI training workshops in the 1980’s, when the question consistently arose, “Can you do MI in groups?”  “Yes” is now the clear answer. Motivational Interviewing groups use MI spirit, processes, and techniques to build motivation for change and foster healthy interactions among group members.Reading this book, you will gather a strong foundation and evidence-base for adapting MI to group interactions; understanding how MI differs and complements other group approaches; identifying guiding principles, leader functions and MI strategies through each of the 4 phases of MI groups. … and then your are only getting started! The last 150 pages, by ‘expert contributors’, offer specific and practical adaptations of MI group strategies to particular client concerns, including dual diagnosis, chronic health conditions, weight management, intimate partner violence, adolescent risk behaviours, and empowerment groups for women with addictions (the latter contributed by Change Talk Associates!). MI founders, Drs. Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick do recommend that providers develop good MI clinical skills with individuals before attempting to use MI in groups, precisely because there is so much more to manage in a group context. Change Talk Associates offers basic, advanced and now ‘MI in Groups’ advanced skills-based training through UBC, Vancouver. Check it out!

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