About Us

Cristine Urquhart and Frances Jasiura are the founders of Change Talk Associates. We see ourselves as true collaborators, drawn by what we have in common while honouring our unique gifts and passions. We appreciate that we span a generation in lived experiences and roles;  cultural and social contexts.

We are drawn together by our desire to truly listen, and help make your life easier through conversations that honour partnership, acceptance and compassion while supporting change.  For us, communication is  both an art and a science. It cannot be perfect; it can and will ‘go sideways’. In difficult conversations, we practice staying in connection, trusting the process and remembering that no one is broken nor needs fixing.

One of our gifts is we see the commonality and opportunity to transform communication and  ignite change across diverse settings. You have given us opportunity to work with health care providers, managers and consumers of services. We desire to help you strengthen your listening and communication skills so that you can get on with the business of your life. We have hope that together we can do things differently…individually, in relationships, in workplace teams, in organizations.


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