We offer in-person and virtual coaching in the areas of:

Professional skill development

Research shows that practice, feedback and coaching are critical components for developing MI competence, as there is often no correlation between how practitioners think they are communicating and what is actually happening in the conversation. We offer MI proficiency coding and feedback of audiotaped conversations to help answer the question “how well am I doing MI?”, as well as skill  coaching with both individuals and groups.

Community of Practice development

MI Communities of Practice (CoPs) allow peers to interact virtually on a focused basis, enabling continuous on-the-job and peer learning in a safe and supported environment. The goal of MI CoPs is sustained skill development through shared learning amongst staff and community partners.  Participants continue to build and maintain the MI proficiency levels to produce improved engagement and retention.

Personal development

We work with individuals and groups to prepare for personal change or enhance interpersonal communication.

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