MI & Trauma-informed Practice with Women

The integration of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Trauma-informed practice (TIP) with women is a growing area of discussion and writing. There are many parallels between the principles of MI and TIP, including the emphasis on collaboration, respect for autonomy and empowerment. Motivational Interviewing offers an approach for how to translate these concepts into actual conversations with women at a practice level. The following resources include some specific materials on the integration of MI & TIP with women, as well as some sources for learning about TIP overall.


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Coalescing on Women and Substance Use: Trauma-informed online tool (BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, Vancouver, BC)

Trauma Informed Practice Guide (BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health & BC Ministry of Health)

Trauma-informed toolkit (Klinic Community Health Centre, Winnipeg, MB)

Trauma Matters: Guidelines for Trauma-Informed Practices in Women’s Substance Use Services (Jean Tweed Centre, Toronto, ON)

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