Motivational Interviewing Training

We offer tailored, multi-level, practice-based training in Motivational Interviewing for various group sizes.

Level 1: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing is a two-day knowledge and skills-based training. Participants will gain familiarity with MI core elements, communication style and strategies to increase motivation, decrease resistance, and initiate and guide change conversations across a range topics.

Level 2: Advanced Motivational Interviewing

Advanced Motivational Interviewing is a two-day skills-based training that builds on the learning in Level 1. Participants will increase MI proficiencies, decrease MI inconsistent behaviours, and develop strategies to encourage ongoing learning and MI Communities of Practice. Participants will also tape and code their own MI practice conversation.

We also design and offer specialized training:

  • MI in groups
  • Integrating MI and trauma-informed care
  • MI for team leaders
  • Team communication
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