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MI for Medical Trainees 2015Douaihy, A., Kelly, T.M. & Gold, M.A (2015). Motivational Interviewing: A Guide for Medical Trainees. Oxford University Press.




MI self help 2015Zuckoff, A. & Gorscak, B. (2015) Finding Your Way to Change: How the Power of Motivational Interviewing Can Reveal What You Want and Help You Get There. New York: Guilford Press.





Cover GraphicMiller, W.R. & Rollnick, S. (2013). Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change. New York: Guilford Press.





Jasiura, F., Hunt, W., Urquhart, C. (2013). Motivational Interviewing Empowerment Groups for Women with Addictions. In Wagner, C.C. & Ingersoll, K.S., Motivational Interviewing in Groups. New York: Guilford Press.





picture, cover, Becoming Trauma-informedUrquhart, C. & Jasiura, F. (2012). Collaborative Change Conversations: Integrating Trauma-informed Care and Motivational Interviewing with Women. In Poole, N. & Greaves, L., Becoming Trauma-Informed. Toronto: CAMH




Practice Guides

Jasiura, F., Urquhart, C. and Advisory Group. (2014). Support Group Practice Guide: Supporting Vulnerable Women and Families. Vancouver, BC: Change Talk Associates.





Cover TIP-Guide-May2013Poole, N., Urquhart, C., Jasiura, F. & Smylie, D. (2013). Trauma-informed Practice Guide. Vancouver, BC: British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Health.





Urquhart, C., Jasiura, F., Poole, N., Nathoo, T., Greaves, L. (2012). Liberation! Helping Women Quit Smoking: A Brief Tobacco Intervention Guide. Vancouver, BC: British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.

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